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24/7 Singles Community Terms of Service

The mission of the Purposeful Singleness  24/7 Singles Community is:

To provide a place of community and interaction for Christian singles around the globe as a means of transforming loneliness into purpose and of providing inspiration, encouragement, and support for Christian singles who may or may not feel called to singleness, but who desire to live purposeful lives for Jesus Christ.

All posts must be in keeping with this mission, either in giving inspiration, encouragement, and support, or in requesting and receiving it from others.

Terms of Use & Rules of Conduct

To insure that the mission for the 24/7 Singles Community is reached and maintained, you must agree to all of the following before registering or posting:

  • I am older than age 13.
  • I have read and am in agreement with the Purposeful Singleness Statement of Faith.
  • I will register only ONCE with my own legal first and last name and legitimate contact information.
  • I will use my real first name or the name I go by in "real life" as my username.
  • I understand that the Purposeful Singleness will not reveal my location or contact information to other users without my permission.
  • I will treat the administration, moderators, and other 24/7 members with the utmost respect, keeping in mind the many cross-cultural and cross-denominational sensitivities that exist. I will refrain from comments which belittle another individual or indicate that another human being is inferior in any way for any reason. I will make EVERY effort "to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Ephesians 4:3).
  • I will not lie or misrepresent anything about myself in the registration or in my posts, including my age, gender, and marital status, or assume an identity which is not my own including my username.
  • I will not use the 24/7 Singles Community as a matchmaking site, and I understand that its intended use is for fellowship and mutual encouragement between Christian Singles as friends. I also recognize that in the natural evolution of friendships romantic relationships may develop, and that if that occurs with myself and another member, we will conduct such interaction and communication privately and offsite.
  • I will stay reasonably on topic in my posts, posting to the appropriate forum or thread if one is already started on that topic. I will post all replies to another post directly to that post in the same thread, rather than starting a new thread.
  • I will not submit content that is obscene or otherwise objectionable.
  • I will not use the 24/7 Singles Community for commercial or advertising purposes of any kind. I understand that this includes personal ads, authors promoting their books, webmasters promoting their websites, as well as harvesting contacts for those purposes.
  • I will keep in mind the purpose and mission of the 24/7 Singles Community when sharing external links and resources.
  • I will not post copyrighted content without permission from its owner and without adequate copyright information posted with the content. I understand that all content is deemed to be copyrighted unless it is specifically named Public Domain and Anonymous.
  • I understand that Purposeful Singleness has the right to determine what is objectionable without obligation of explanation and to remove or edit any submission or to block my access if I don't comply. I will report instances of violations of these terms that I observe to Purposeful Singleness.

By continuing with the registration process, you are stating that:

"I have read all of the Terms of Use & Rules of Conduct listed above and I agree to follow them completely. I have also read the Purposeful Singleness Statement of Faith and declare with my registration that I am in agreement. I understand that if I do not comply with all Terms of Use, or if my post(s) do not convey agreement with the Purposeful Singleness Statement of Faith, my post(s) may be edited or deleted without notification, and/or my privilege to post at Purposeful Singleness revoked."

If you have any questions about Purposeful Singleness uses submitted information, please see the Privacy Policy.