This is Goodbye, Sort Of

Letting Go

This is not particularly easy for me to write, but I must. After almost 20 years of writing encouragement for Christian singles, I will soon be closing this website. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise since my writing here has been rather sporadic for quite some time.

I’m a fiercely loyal person and in some ways it feels like betrayal to shut down a site to the audience I’ve written to for almost two decades. I care deeply about Christian singles and all the issues and variables that affect our demographic.

However, Christian singles now have many excellent online resources that didn’t exist in 1998 when I launched Purposeful Singleness. Then, PS was a pioneer on the World Wide Web standing as a beacon of light and encouragement to singles who wanted more than what the dating sites had to offer them.

For several years, I have felt God’s calling to broaden the audience I write to beyond singles, but I’ve struggled knowing how to make that transition. As you know from my previous communication with you, I had launched a website called Living Our Purpose with my cousin. But that turned out to not be the right fit for either of us, and we have shut down that site as well.

So now what?

I will soon be blogging regularly at, mainly on living authentically and purposefully — not specifically as singles, but as followers of Jesus. I also plan to write inspirational devotional-type posts of spiritual encouragement similar to the weekly devotionals I used to write on Purposeful Singleness.

And so this is good-bye — not to you, but to this website. The Purposeful Singleness website will remain up for a little while yet, but not for long. If there’s any content you’d like to read before it’s taken down, please do so soon.

In closing, I want to leave you with one final word of encouragement and challenge regarding the special role of singleness God has called us to, whether it is temporary or life-long, and it is this:

I urge you to adopt the following statement as your own:

My calling in singleness (for as long as I’m single) is to give witness that a relationship with Jesus is all-sufficient and all-satisfying and provides immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine.

If that’s not something you feel you can say truthfully, I urge you to seek that kind of relationship with Jesus with your whole being — it’s one He longs to have with you and is a wonderful and fulfilling relationship that you won’t find in any other!

May Jesus be your Constant Companion as you continue to live purposefully for Him, and I look forward to communicating more with you in the days and years ahead!

Much love and many blessings in Him,


Calling in Singleness

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