Inspiration, encouragement, and support for single Christians who may or may not feel called to singleness, but who desire to live purposeful lives for Jesus Christ.

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 Christian Singles living purposefully for Christ!

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We'd love to have you fill out our survey, even if you're married and just visiting the site out of curiosity! Answer each question as honestly as you can; if you truly don't know what to answer, choose the closest option or just leave that question blank. We're hoping to find out more about you, the visitors to Purposeful Singleness, and how we can best serve you. If you have any specific suggestions, please be sure to fill out our Feedback Form. Thanks so much!

Your gender


Your age

     Under 18

Your marital status

     Never married

Reason for being single

     I haven't found the "right one" yet
     I'm committed to a lifetime of celibacy
     I am divorced and believe I should not remarry
     My spouse died and I don't want to remarry
     I just don't want to get married
     I'm married and this doesn't apply to me

Reason for visiting this site

     I'm single
     I'm married but have single friends and/or family
     I'm a pastor with singles in my congregation
     I'm involved in a single adult ministry
     Just curious

Your general view of singleness

     Something one needs to make the best of
     A tragedy to be avoided at all costs
     An opportunity to serve the Lord without distraction

The most difficult aspect of being single

     Lack of intimate companionship
     Remaining celibate
     Not having children
     How one is viewed by others
     Don't know because I'm not single

The best aspect of being single

     General sense of freedom
     More time to spend with the Lord
     Able to serve the Lord in ways not possible if I were married
     More time to spend with friends and making new ones
     Don't know because I'm not single

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