The Lord’s Handmaidens

By C. F. Derstine Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted from a 1949 issue of the Christian Monitor. While the language and terminology (such as the use of “Old Maid”!) is different in some cases from what we would use today, the underlying message is just as relative now as it was then. Men, I […]

Loving Too Much?

By Fern Horst Browsing through the “Love & Relationship” section of a local bookstore, one can find such titles as Women Who Love Too Much, When Parents Love Too Much, and even, For People Who Love Their Cats too Much. We could easily conclude that it is a grave danger to love too much. Yet, […]

A Life Worth Living

Just the other day I attended the funeral of an 86-year-old gentleman I’d since I was a little girl. When our family first got to know Vincent 29 years ago he had just lost his mother and was living alone. Vincent never married, though he enjoyed joking about the women who were “after him.” As […]

Identity and Singleness

By Peter Ould Author’s Note: I’ve been a Christian for seven and a half years and the majority of that time I’ve struggled with, fallen into, and slowly overcome homosexuality. As God has freed me from the pain of the past I’ve drawn on those experiences to provide support and encouragement for others struggling with […]

The “Lacks” in Our Lives

By Fern Horst Yesterday I received a lovely birthday card from an “older” woman — someone I’ve come to love and respect. She wrote nice things about my “genuine caring and joy in helping others” being “shining reflections of the light deep inside you.” I treasure those words coming from her because she embodies those […]

Handling the Holidays

By Fern Horst Holidays. Days you look forward to with excited anticipation, or face with a growing dread? Whichever emotion is attached to the holidays for you, or something on the spectrum in between, focusing on something and Someone beyond feelings is what God calls each of us to, no matter our circumstances. Jeremiah, one […]

Giving Up Sex

By Fern Horst For 55 million dollars, would give up sex for the rest of your life?” What a question! It invoked some interesting answers from listeners to a radio talk show I was listening to recently. Some who called in said they would be more than willing to forfeit sex forever for this amount […]

Five Steps to Enjoying Christmas

By Fern Horst No matter whether you look forward to Christmas or dread it, the holiday season is upon us once again. For those who anticipate this time of year, it’s wonderful. But for those who dread the holidays the coming days and weeks can be a real struggle. Christmas, along with most holidays, is […]

Father’s Day? … Bah Humbug!

By Wayne Mytas It’s not that I have anything against fathersor even having a special day to honor them. But for a child-less man whose image of my own father is criticism and distance, this Sunday morning’s sermon wasn’t exactly making my day. Your Dad as the rock, mentor and best friend? Fine for you; […]