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Inspiration, encouragement, and support for single Christians who may or may not feel called to singleness, but who desire to live purposeful lives for Jesus Christ.

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This is just one of many books you'll find in our online bookstore!



You're likely reading this page because you're living life without a marital partner — whether you've never been married or are divorced, separated, or widowed.

You're in the right place, since this site exists to give you support and encouragement on your life's journey!

We invite you to explore our articles and devotionals, browse our bookstore, and visit our Bible Reading page daily for each day's reading.

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Coping Through Rejection and Divorce
By Betty Troyer
Betty shares the hurt and rejection she experienced when her husband left her for another woman. But she also shares how the Lord brought healing and restoration, and led her into a ministry which gave her renewed confidence and a sense of purpose. READ MORE ...

Reading through the Bible

We would like to encourage you to saturate your mind with God's Word, as it is THE measuring stick by which to measure all other "truth" that comes our way. When we know the Bible inside and out, the Holy Spirit can easily bring appropriate Scripture to mind when we need it for encouragement, correction, guidance, counseling others, and to know whether what someone else is teaching is really based on God's truth.

We have a Chronological Bible Reading Schedule which gives the reader in one year's time a complete overview of the Bible in the order that the events actually happened. We encourage you to follow this plan and to subscribe to the Daily Bible Reading email which contains the day's Bible reading.

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In our
This is just one of many books you'll find in our online bookstore!

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