Roommates: A Blessing, Sometimes in Disguise

By Hohna Cass “Ha any se my low andals?” My muffled voice called from the back of the closet. Emerging from the tangle of dresses and blouses, I shoved my hair away from my face and bellowed, “Has anybody seen my yellow sandals? The new ones?” Two distant voices called back, “No!” — “I haven’t!” […]

Five Steps to Enjoying Christmas

By Fern Horst No matter whether you look forward to Christmas or dread it, the holiday season is upon us once again. For those who anticipate this time of year, it’s wonderful. But for those who dread the holidays the coming days and weeks can be a real struggle. Christmas, along with most holidays, is […]

The “Lacks” in Our Lives

By Fern Horst Yesterday I received a lovely birthday card from an “older” woman — someone I’ve come to love and respect. She wrote nice things about my “genuine caring and joy in helping others” being “shining reflections of the light deep inside you.” I treasure those words coming from her because she embodies those […]

Romantic Disappointment

By Fern Horst If you’re a single adult I’d venture to say you’ve been disappointed at one time or another in the romantic department of life. If you’ve been in a romantic relationship that ended, if you wanted a friendship to become “more” but it didn’t, if you desire to be married but aren’t, if […]

Talk Down

Preparing for singleness when you’d much rather be preparing for marriage By Ross Clark When an aeroplane pilot is stricken and a passenger with little or no flying experience has to take the controls and be ‘talked down’ by those in the control tower, the experience is terrifying for all concerned. ‘Talk down’ is symbolic […]

Coping Through Rejection and Divorce

By Betty Troyer I am thankful for the healing and restoring work of Jesus in my life. Going through the trauma of separation and divorce is indescribable! There was a time I could not have shared an encouraging word with others regarding my experience. I was torn inwardly to bits and pieces. I wondered why […]

Identity and Singleness

By Peter Ould Author’s Note: I’ve been a Christian for seven and a half years and the majority of that time I’ve struggled with, fallen into, and slowly overcome homosexuality. As God has freed me from the pain of the past I’ve drawn on those experiences to provide support and encouragement for others struggling with […]

Overcoming Lust: Victory in a Widow’s Story

By Anonymous I was approaching middle age when my husband passed away. Several months later I found myself struggling with my sexuality like I never had before. What had been a beautiful part of married life was no more. I became almost obsessed with thoughts of sex. I had to learn how to handle these […]

Giving Up Sex

By Fern Horst For 55 million dollars, would give up sex for the rest of your life?” What a question! It invoked some interesting answers from listeners to a radio talk show I was listening to recently. Some who called in said they would be more than willing to forfeit sex forever for this amount […]

Sexuality and Singleness

By Sheila Pritchard Singleness as Gift, Call or Necessity There are many different kinds of single people. Some have never married, others are widowed, separated or divorced. Some have turned down opportunities of marriage, others have never had such opportunities. There are single people who have had, or are currently involved in, sexual relationships outside […]