Identity and Singleness

By Peter Ould Author’s Note: I’ve been a Christian for seven and a half years and the majority of that time I’ve struggled with, fallen into, and slowly overcome homosexuality. As God has freed me from the pain of the past I’ve drawn on those experiences to provide support and encouragement for others struggling with […]

Lust, Excuse Me

By James Johnson It is a thorn to many persons in the young adult generations. It preys upon the hearts of many young men in the disguise of advertisements, movies, and sitcoms. It turns its ugly head at the click of a mouse on the internet. It exercises its poisonous rituals at local bars on weekend […]

Overcoming Lust: Victory in a Widow’s Story

By Anonymous I was approaching middle age when my husband passed away. Several months later I found myself struggling with my sexuality like I never had before. What had been a beautiful part of married life was no more. I became almost obsessed with thoughts of sex. I had to learn how to handle these […]

Battling Online Temptation

By Eric Sellin Perhaps you’ve been walking with the Lord for years, and have become quite strong in your walk. Perhaps you’re a new believer and can see nothing ever coming between you and Him. If you’re like me, the very medium you are using right now, the Internet, presents potentially the strongest temptation around. […]

Giving Up Sex

By Fern Horst For 55 million dollars, would give up sex for the rest of your life?” What a question! It invoked some interesting answers from listeners to a radio talk show I was listening to recently. Some who called in said they would be more than willing to forfeit sex forever for this amount […]