Bible Reading

Chronological Bible Reading Schedule

Read the whole bible in a year, reading about 15 minutes per day.

This is the schedule we have hosted on Purposeful Singleness for many years. You can sign up here to receive the day’s Bible reading each day by email:

You may also download and print the schedule as a PDF, one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament, and use them as bookmarks in your Bible:

Introduction to Schedule:

  1. The Bible books are placed in chronological order according to event rather than according to the date of writing.
  2. The schedule is arranged so that the reader reads through both the Old and New Testaments simultaneously. By the end of the year, the reader will have read through the entire Bible.
  3. For the most part, passages for each day are divided according to paragraph or breaks in the text. Where this is deviated from, an asterisk has been placed next to the reference to show that the thought continues in the next day’s reading.
  4. The Gospel of John has purposely been placed between Mark and Luke to give a break in reading the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) which are written very much in the same manner, and to put Luke’s two books together

Other Bible Reading Plans

If you would like to explore other plans and schedules, consider one of these from other websites:

One Year Bibles for Kindle or in Print

If you would prefer to read through the Bible in a book divided into daily Bible readings, there are a quite a few available, both in print and for the Kindle or Kindle apps, which are available for your computer as well as Apple and Android phones.

One Year Bibles:

The One Year Bible NIV
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One Year Bibles Arranged in Chronological Order


Kindle One Year Bibles