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“It’s the only place open that time of night,” my friend said, imploring I understood his dilemma. And in fact, I did. Though not in his exact shoes, I knew that loneliness and the need to connect with others is no respecter of time, whether day or night. “The doors of churches are closed and locked […]

Sometimes We Need a Little Help

A helping hand

This blog post is written by Shari Baer, a life coach who is offering coaching to the Purposeful Singleness community. You can read more about her services here. Someone just recently asked me what I see is the major problem for singles I coach, versus those who are married. While you might think the answer would be […]

Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose Since the very beginnings of the Purposeful Singleness website my intent has been to encourage us to live purposefully and not just bide our time for what some might think is the main event – marriage. The reality is that the main event is God’s purpose for us, and it is always […]

Bookstore – Books for Christian Singles

Books for Christian Singles Specific book recommendations will be added to this section. In the meantime, feel free to browse the many books on singleness for Christian singles on Amazon. Purposeful Singleness is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn […]

Bible Reading

Chronological Bible Reading Schedule Read the whole bible in a year, reading about 15 minutes per day. This is the schedule that has been used on Purposeful Singleness for many years. Unfortunately the daily email mailing is no longer available. However, you can use the following links to download and print bookmarks of the schedule, […]