A Life Worth Living

Just the other day I attended the funeral of an 86-year-old gentleman I’d since I was a little girl. When our family first got to know Vincent 29 years ago he had just lost his mother and was living alone. Vincent never married, though he enjoyed joking about the women who were “after him.” As […]

The Lord’s Handmaidens

By C. F. Derstine Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted from a 1949 issue of the Christian Monitor. While the language and terminology (such as the use of “Old Maid”!) is different in some cases from what we would use today, the underlying message is just as relative now as it was then. Men, I […]

Opportunities Abound

Dawn just returned from a one-week mission trip with Medical Missions, the fifth such mission trip she’s taken in the last six years. Though living on a nonprofit salary, she’s managed to save enough money to finance each trip. Dawn doesn’t wait for these one or two-week trips to be used of the Lord, though. […]