Finding Peace When We Don’t Understand

Finding peace when we don't understand

I am analytical by nature. When it comes to figuring out how something works so I can use it, or getting to the root of a problem so I can move forward, that characteristic serves me well. But when it comes to finding answers to questions which have no complete answers, it costs me way […]

Removing the Hindrances from Singleness

Removing Hindrances

Many view singleness as a limitation rather than an advantage. I’d say it’s a fairly common perspective among Christians and non-Christians alike. It’s funny how we collectively forget that Jesus was single, and certainly nothing held Him back. And we forget that the second most prominent character of the New Testament was also single, the […]

It’s a Choice We Make: Coming to Terms with Singleness

By Fern Horst Whether never-married, widowed or divorced, long-term singleness often comes as a surprise. Because few people expect to remain single or become single, it may take some time before many singles realize that they need to come to terms with their unmarried state. But just as anything we need to come to terms […]

The Short End of the Stick

By Fern Horst Do you ever feel like you’ve been left with the most undesirable pieces of life in your hands? The short stick, so to speak? I’ve been feeling that way lately after several “upheavals” in my life, each of which is a direct result of decisions made by others. In some situations like […]

The “Lacks” in Our Lives

By Fern Horst Yesterday I received a lovely birthday card from an “older” woman — someone I’ve come to love and respect. She wrote nice things about my “genuine caring and joy in helping others” being “shining reflections of the light deep inside you.” I treasure those words coming from her because she embodies those […]

Romantic Disappointment

By Fern Horst If you’re a single adult I’d venture to say you’ve been disappointed at one time or another in the romantic department of life. If you’ve been in a romantic relationship that ended, if you wanted a friendship to become “more” but it didn’t, if you desire to be married but aren’t, if […]

Talk Down

Preparing for singleness when you’d much rather be preparing for marriage By Ross Clark When an aeroplane pilot is stricken and a passenger with little or no flying experience has to take the controls and be ‘talked down’ by those in the control tower, the experience is terrifying for all concerned. ‘Talk down’ is symbolic […]