I Love My Freedom, But Now What?

Love my freedom

In the survey I conducted before relaunching Purposeful Singleness, the vast majority of you indicated the aspect you like most about being single is your freedom. I would concur with that. The independence, the ability to be flexible and spontaneous, to not have to fit into a spouse’s agenda, are certainly wonderful perks to being […]

Removing the Hindrances from Singleness

Removing Hindrances

Many view singleness as a limitation rather than an advantage. I’d say it’s a fairly common perspective among Christians and non-Christians alike. It’s funny how we collectively forget that Jesus was single, and certainly nothing held Him back. And we forget that the second most prominent character of the New Testament was also single, the […]

Complete as One

By Fern Horst I had someone tell me, just the other day, that one is not complete without a spouse. It made me wonder: How do I, and other single adults, gain a sense of confidence and self-worth in a society that believes such a statement to be true? Many people believe they cannot truly live […]

Delivered From All My Fears

Jeannie found herself staring at the digital numbers on her alarm clock once again. The luminous red lines forming the numbers which indicated it was three in the morning looked all too familiar. It seemed that her fears had no respect for her need for sleep, or the fact that in a few short hours […]

Does My Life Really Matter?

By Fern Horst It’s just so awful! I can’t believe she’s dead! And she had a husband and four small children left without her. Why couldn’t it have been someone without a family?” We often hear such sentiments expressed after young husbands or wives are killed in an accident, or an illness or disease shortens […]

False Assumptions, Part I

By Fern Horst other day I happened to notice several Christian romance novels on my bookshelf that have somehow survived my ruthless disposals of what I’ve considered worthless reads. I turned one over to read the description on the back cover, and once again realized why I’ve abandoned reading most romantic Christian fiction. It read: […]

False Assumptions, Part II

By Fern Horst In Part I, we looked at five false assumptions we tend to have regarding marriage and singleness. We stated, “If our expectations for marriage are based on false assumptions, they will become a tyrant in our lives, controlling our emotions, coloring our perspective, and eventually leaving us disillusioned, disappointed, and — worst […]

God’s Perspective of Singleness

By Myron Horst We see things in our life from a narrow perspective, and it is often difficult for us to understand all that God is allowing to happen. Someone standing ten feet behind us can see a much bigger perspective than we can. They can see things we can’t. They can also see some […]

Man’s Research Versus God’s Word

By Fern Horst “Oh, great,” I thought. “Another piece of research touted by the Christian community in an attempt to shore up the crumbling institution of marriage.” It’s not that I was doubting the motive for quoting such research in the Christian magazine I was reading. I know all too well that the institution of marriage […]

Singleness: A Blessing or a Curse?

By Fern Horst I used to think that singleness was about the worst lot in life a person could have. I don’t think it helped that I read every Christian romance novel I could get my hands on. It all seemed so wonderful that I couldn’t imagine what an awful thing it would be to […]