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Agape Love — No Strings Attached
By Lia Fuller O'Neil
The complexities of male/female friendships often leave heartache when the relationship doesn't turn out the way we had anticipated. But it doesn't have to be that way. This article is from a woman's perspective. For a companion article from a man's perspective, see Pursuing Love.

Battling Online Temptation
By Eric Sellin
Practical suggestions for avoiding this enticing trap.

Better than Sons and Daughters
By Fern Horst
Especially at Mother's Day and Father's Day, those who are single and without children may wonder what their lives are accomplishing. But all Christians are called to reproduce, and there are significant ways in which singles can do this.

The Blessing of Missions
By Pat Bernshausen
Pat has blessed us regularly with her insight on the PS Discussion Board. She lends the perspective of a mom whose husband walked out on her and her children, but who has remained faithful to the Lord. In this article you'll read how the Lord opened doors for her to take a missions trip to Kenya, and the blessings she found through this experience.

Celebrating Love
By Fern Horst
How to celebrate Valentine's Day as Christian singles.

Complete as One
By Fern Horst
A close look at the myth that we each need a Significant Other

Coping Through Rejection and Divorce
By Betty Troyer
Betty shares the hurt and rejection she experienced when her husband left her for another woman. But she also shares how the Lord brought healing and restoration, and led her into a ministry which gave her renewed confidence and a sense of purpose.

Delivered From All My Fears
By Fern Horst
Various fears grip those who are single, including the fear of being alone. The author shares a few helpful steps to finding the truth of Psalm 34:4: "I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears."

Does My Life Really Matter?
By Fern Horst
If I'm not serving a spouse and raising godly children, is there really a purpose to my life? God's Word says "yes", and reveals clearly what that purpose is.

A Dream Come True
By Fern Horst
Louise had a growing desire to fulfill her childhood dream of being a foster mom. Read how she reached this goal as a single woman and her sense of satisfaction in doing so.

East at Easter: Living in the Power of the Cross
By Ross Clark
"To follow the way of the Cross means that its power — resurrection, salvation, God glorified — can be made available to us."

False Assumptions, Part I
By Fern Horst
"Movies, advertisements, and even Christian materials often present the assumptions that if we are good enough in some aspect, then the ultimate happiness of marriage will be ours." Read more of this article for the first five of ten assumptions regarding singleness and marriage.

False Assumptions, Part II
By Fern Horst
Part II picks up where Part I left off, with five more false assumptions many of us have regarding singleness and marriage. It also addresses the importance of replacing these false assumptions with God's truth.

Father's Day? ... Bah Humbug
By Wayne Mytas
For this single man with multiple reasons to dislike the holiday, going to church on Father's Day resulted in a blessing he wasn't expecting.

Finding God in the Midst of Suffering
By Ross Clark
A single man's grasp of God's presence in the midst of the pain of singleness.

Five Steps to Enjoying Christmas
By Fern Horst
Whether you're looking forward to Christmas this year or not, here are five steps that may help you in the process to enjoying it more, and for the right reasons.

Getting Married
By Daniel Kauffman
Whether one adheres to "courting" or "dating", this excerpt from a book written in 1914 lends good solid advice to a subject that seems to have much confusion today.

Giving Up Sex
By Fern Horst
"For 55 million dollars, would give up sex for the rest of your life?" Or do you have a better reason?

God Sets the Solitary in Families
By Fern Horst
The Psalms say that "God setteth the solitary in families". In what way does God fulfill this in the lives of singles, who sometimes feel very alone?

Handling the Holidays
By Fern Horst
Encouragement for those who find holidays difficult.

Handling the "Lacks" in Our Lives
By Fern Horst
Learning how to live with the felt lacks in our lives.

Identity and Singleness
By Peter Ould
One man's struggle with homosexuality, singleness, and finding his true identity in Christ.

If Singleness is a Blessing, Why Does it Feel Like a Curse?
By Fern Horst
Faces the reality of the feelings we face as singles, while also encouraging acceptance of the truth about our lives.

If Singleness and Marriage are Gifts, Why Wasn't I Given One?
By Fern Horst
Looks at some of the myths surrounding the "gift of singleness".

It's a Choice We Make
By Fern Horst
"Whether never-married, widowed or divorced, long-term singleness often comes as a surprise. Because few people expect to remain single or become single, it may take some time before many singles realize that they need to come to terms with their unmarried state. But just as anything we need to come to terms with, the sooner we start the process, the better."

It's Never Too Late to Have a Life!
By Fern Horst
In May of 2003 we published an article in our newsletter, and subsequently here on the website, by Genevieve Longley. She titled it, What! You Have to be Married to Have a Life! Gena struck a real chord with our readers as she shared candidly from her own life.
      As she shared in her article, over two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live. The Lord graciously extended her life and she was able to return for some time to Argentina. But on September 17, 2003, He called her Home to be with Him.

Just Don't Let it Touch Me!
By Michelle Louise Pierre
Observing married people sometimes makes us wish for the aspects that having a spouse brings. Read of one single woman's observations one Sunday morning, and how the Lord spoke to her through it.

Knowing How to Live
By Fern Horst
There's one main way to know God and how He wants us to live as Christian singles; this article points out the reasons why it's important to make sure we are accessing this source daily.

The "Lacks" in our Lives
By Fern Horst
Accepting what we don't have is often the opportunity to gain something greater.

Letting God Satisfy Our Hunger
By Hohna Cass
It is a normal human tendency to hunger after that which we don't have. A look at the Israelites and how God led them in the midst of their own hunger helps us to step out of that cycle of discontentment into freedom.

A Life Worth Living
By Fern Horst
A gentleman lives 86 years of service to the Lord — as a celibate single.

The Lord's Handmaidens
By C. F. Derstine
This article was reprinted from a 1949 issue of the Christian Monitor. While the language and terminology (such as the use of "Old Maid"!) is different in some cases from what we would use today, the underlying message is just as relative now as it was then.

Loving Too Much?
By Fern Horst
Pop psychology often indicates that there is a problem with loving others too much. This article contends that the true problem lies elsewhere.

Lust, Excuse Me
By James Johnson
Takes a close look at the excuses made to indulge in lust, and the real truth behind these excuses.

Man's Research Versus God's Word
By Fern Horst
This article takes a look at the recent research that has attempted to prove that "adults who are married do markedly better in every measure of well-being than those who are not married."

Memoirs of an Aunt
By Fern Horst
Singleness has some fun perks. Read about one that this author has taken full advantage of.

Most Awesome Relationship
By Clarity
"I'm single like you. Like you I want to experience great happiness and deep fulfillment. For the longest time I felt that marriage would be the answer for my longing for lifelong, deep happiness. I knew that happiness was to be found in the Lord, but I felt that romantic love was what would give me that lifelong joy."

My Soul, Wait Thou ONLY Upon God
By Ruth Heinemann
How do we deal with the emotions that result from a romantic disappointment? Ruth shares some insights from Scripture that were a big help for her.

Needs, Desires, And God's Promises
By Fern Horst
Differentiates between needs and desires and which ones God has promised to fulfill.

One Body, Many Parts
Fern Horst
Singles groups are attractive to many Christian singles, but does too much segregation cause more harm than good to Christ's Body?

Opportunities Abound
Interview with Dawn Jantzi
Christian singles have many unique opportunites to serve the Lord. This is how one single woman took advantage of hers.

Our Longings, God's Fulfillment
Compiled by Fern Horst
A compilation of Scripture revealing God's promises to fulfill our hearts' longings with Himself.

Overcoming Lust: Victory in a Widow's Story
By Anonymous
A widow speaks honestly of her struggle with her sexuality after her husband's death.

Pursuing Love
By John Fischer
The complexities of male/female friendships often leave heartache when the relationship doesn't turn out the way we had anticipated. But it doesn't have to be that way. This article is from a man's perspective. For a companion article from a woman's perspective, see Agape Love — No Strings Attached.

The Requirements & Rewards of Foster Parenting
By Evelia Santiago-Gome
A social worker encourages singles who can to adopt or become a foster parent, and shares some pointers in taking on such a challenging but rewarding opportunity.

Reviving an Empty Heart at Christmas (and Throughout the New Year)
By Fern Horst
Finding our true security and significance so that we can give freely of ourselves to others.

Romantic Disappointment
By Fern Horst
Most single adults have experienced romantic disappointment in one form or another. Here are some positive steps to take to move beyond the disappointment and to fulfilling God's special purpose for your life.

Roommates: A Blessing, Sometimes in Disguise
By Hohna Cass
Adjusting and dealing with roommates sometimes seems like it's not worth the headache. But Hohna reveals that the hard work of adjustment and living together pales in comparison to the blessings of having Christian roommates.

Same Struggle, Different Details
By Nancy Groat
We may think our struggles with singleness are unique to singles, but if we look closely, the struggles others face are similar, just different circumstances.

Seeking Godís Will In My Life
By Janice LaQuiere
A married person's life seems to be clearly cut out for them. It's obvious God's will for them is to take care of their family. But what about the single person? The answer is not always so clear cut.

Sexuality and Singleness
By Sheila Pritchard
What about sex for the Christian single? This author points out that there is much more to sexuality than sexual intercourse.

The Short End of the Stick
By Fern Horst
What to do when you feel like you've been left with the most undesirable pieces of life in your hands.

A Single Mom Reflects on Her Heavenly Father's Love
By Pat Bernshausen
Raising children is a rewarding task, but difficult when faced alone. This single mom has found an extra bonus - being able to better understand her Heavenly Father's love for us.

Singleness: A Blessing or a Curse?
By Fern Horst
A look at what God has to say in the Bible about singleness.

Singleness: A Peek at God's Perspective
By Myron Horst
Contrary to the messages we often receive from others, singleness is indeed a blessing when we follow God's pattern for our lives.

Someone Special
By Kammy L. Willis
Can God really make someone special enough to be worth the years of loneliness we endure?

A Special Gift
By Scott Michael Ringo
"Most of us enjoy getting special gifts for no reason. A time when somebody thinks about us during part of their day and goes out hunting for something special to give us..."

Standing on the Premises
By David Price
It's a good thing to claim the promises God has clearly given us in His Word. But we must be careful about putting our faith in promises we wish God would give us, and neglecting our faith in God Himself.

Steps to Contentment
Making disciplined choices in the way we think about our lives is the key to contentment.

A Story of Betrayal
By Fern Horst
While joy is a very real part of the Christmas story, there's another side which refuses to hide its ugly face.

Talk Down
By Ross Clark
Preparing for singleness when you'd much rather be preparing for marriage.

Thanksgiving Praises for Singles
By Fern Horst
A compilation of praises from the Psalms, appropriate for singles in giving thanks for all the Lord has done, is doing, and promises to do for us.

To Know Him
By Fern Horst
A challenge regarding our goals in life: do they revolve around our purposes or God's?

The Tomorrow Trap
By Kelvin Smith
It is so easy to wait for "tomorrow" to start doing the things we want to accomplish in life, and an easy trap for singles is waiting for the day when they have a spouse. This article encourages singles to avoid this "tomorrow trap" and start doing today those things which are important.

Undivided Devotion
By Wayne Mytas
Singleness definitely has its struggles, but it also definitely has its advantages. Read about one man's discovery of the advantages as he dealt with one of its disadvantages.

A Valentine's Day Without?
By James Johnson
A poem for Valentine's Day

Wanting it All
By Fern Horst
The dangers of not using the opportunities we have because we are pining for different ones.

The Well-Meaning Friend
Karen Edwards
If you have been single for any length of time, you have undoubtedly fallen prey to the "wisdom" of well-intentioned friends and family who feel that they have the answers to your dilemma of singleness. More often than not, these friends are Christians who combine their wisdom with Scripture and try to convince you that singleness is somehow linked to undeveloped spiritual maturity.

What! You have to be Married to have a Life?
By Genevieve A. Longley
Gena is one of the "purposeful singles" who has regularly posted on the PS Discussion Board for a number of years. We've come to appreciate her wisdom, her commitment to the Lord, and her dedication to the people she serves on the mission field in Argentina. You'll find inspiration and hope as you read her story of how she "found a life" as a single woman.

When Bad Times Come
By Crystal Godfrey
As long as we live on this earth, we will experience bad times to varying degrees. But the good news is that we're not left alone during those times, nor are we left without resources. In this article, Crystal shares helpful insights from her study of the book of Job that we can apply to difficult times of our lives.

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